Hey fellow cupcake lovers!
Baking has always been a stress reliever for me and well, let’s be honest, I love to eat cupcakes, too! I mean, is there anyone who doesn’t!? 🤔
I have had the pleasure of making cupcakes and small cutting cakes for a few weddings as well as for birthday parties and just family get togethers. Folks have said my creations are pretty tasty (hopefully they weren’t just being nice lol) and so I decided to start this branch of Plans in Paradise in order to reach more people with my delicious cupcake endeavor.
You can always place an order for flavors off my menu OR you can place a custom order! Please like and follow us on Facebook as I often run specials and offer unique non-menu flavors 🙂 You can also see my processes, photos of actual product and I love gathering feedback on what y’all like flavor wise.
So thank you for checking out my site and I look forward to sharing my love of cupcakes with you!